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CMC data as we see it

We received 54941 bytes of data. There were 1473 cases in the data file, each of which had 10 variables. More information about the variables is listed in the table below. For the more detailed information about single variables follow the link through the variable name.

You can control which variables are included in the analysis. As a default, all variables are in. But if there are attributes such as ID-numbers in the data, they are just going to confuse the analysis and are better to be excluded. You can exclude a variable by unchecking the associated checkbox.

Age Numerical 16 .. 49
Education Numerical 1 .. 4
Husb educ Numerical 1 .. 4
Child count Numerical 0 .. 16
Religion Nominal 2
Is working Nominal 2
Husb occup Numerical 1 .. 4
Living std Numerical 1 .. 4
Media exp Nominal 2
Contraceptive Nominal 3

Now it is time to start the search for a good dependency model for this data. So let's take the next step and...


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