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Dependence modeling trails

The purpose of B-Course is to demonstrate how to build a dependency model out of a data set, and how to use it for finding interesting relations in the data. To begin with, you must choose the trail that is most suitable for your purposes. But before we start, some background information about dependence modeling is in order.

Variations on a theme: the dependence modeling trails

The real trail If you have your own data to analyze, and you are familiar with B-Course, take this route. B-Course will build a graphical dependency model out of your data.
The ready-made trail This route is for those of you without a data set to be analyzed. It will take you through the dependency trail with data sets that have been prepared in advance.

Before you start, you should read some background information. This information is important for the interpretation of the resulting model. Even if you are familiar with Bayesian dependency modeling, we encourage you to at least browse through this material.


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