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Welcome to B-Course

B-Course is a web-based data analysis tool for Bayesian modeling, in particular dependence and classification modeling. It can also be used as an interactive tutorial which provides you with data sets that have been prepared in advance. B-Course can be used as an analysis tool for any research where dependence or classification modeling based on data is of interest. B-Course can be freely used for educational and research purposes only. B-Course designers are committed to ethic code respecting privacy and security, and under no circumstances will the data submitted to B-Course be distributed further. (Disclaimer)
New features were added to this edition of B-Course (2.0), including a new Classification Trail, and inference with Soft evidence. You are welcome to try them out. Thank you for your feedback.

The Trails of Modeling

Dependency modeling
The B-Course D-Trail will lead you into the mystical world of dependency models! It will guide you through the steps of Bayesian modeling and inference using your own data or our example data sets.
This trail will introduce you to the classification modeling using so-called Naive Bayesian Networks. As in dependency modeling, you can either use your own data or pre-prepared data sets.

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Along the trails you will find references to the B-Course library for more detailed information. We advise you to study those texts, because they are vital for truly understanding what is going on in the analysis. When you familiarize yourself with the background information, you can use B-Course as any other software tool to help you in the analysis of your data. If you publish the results, we as the designers of B-Course would appreciate that you acknowledge that the results were obtained by using B-Course. A good reference to B-Cource is:

P.Myllymäki, T.Silander, H.Tirri, P.Uronen, B-Course: A Web-Based Tool for Bayesian and Causal Data Analysis. International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, Vol 11, No. 3 (2002) 369-387.

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